Invisalign for Teens

Achieving Your Smile Goals Without Braces Do you or your child want straight teeth and a confident smile but are hesitant to commit to traditional braces? If so, there may be a viable alternative to braces called Invisalign Teen.  Invisalign is a brand that manufactures clear, plastic aligners used to straighten teeth. The majority of Invisalign …

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Palatal Expanders

Braces are the most common orthodontic “appliance” used to straighten teeth, align bites, and achieve beautiful smiles. But, there are times that braces alone aren’t enough to complete the job. In some of these cases, an orthodontic palatal expander may be necessary. Who Needs a Palatal Expander? In an ideal occlusion, aka “bite”, the top …

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Intraoral Scanner

Introducing Our New Trios 3Shape Orthodontic Intraoral Scanner To improve the comfort and overall orthodontic experience of our patients, we recently invested in a 3Shape Trios 3 Intra-oral scanner. An intra-oral scanner is an electronic device which is used to construct 3-dimensional, digital models of your teeth and bite. This is done with a sensor …

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